Ellie turns matchmaker…

When Ellie detects a spark between Holly and Nathan, she encourages a guilty Holly to go for it with her brother. Ellie tries to play Cupid – but her efforts backfire when Holly overhears some harsh words from Nathan. Also, Nathan visits Grace to comfort her, as today is also the anniversary of when he met Rachel.

Meanwhile, Nico continues to threaten Maxine, who contemplates leaving the village. Sienna goes to visit Ben in prison and he tells her the truth about Nico. After the irony of the situation dawns on her, she tells Ben he’s foolish and leaves. Later, Sienna confronts Nico and rings the police.

Later, Maxine prepares to leave and, knowing the police are after her, Nico jumps in the car too and begs Maxine to get her out of Hollyoaks – Maxine does so, on the condition that they’re now ‘even’. Nico agrees but, unbeknown to Maxine, Nico has posted a letter to DS Thorpe about Patrick!

Also, Cleo’s on the phone talking to Pete, but lies to Celine that she was speaking to Holly. Celine soon works out who Cleo was talking to, though, when they later bump into Holly and she knows nothing about the phone call.