Ellie’s getting up to mischief!

Ellie pretends to be her dad, Mac, and texts Neeta saying: ‘I don’t want to see you.’ When Neeta says she’s coming anyway, Ellie panics and gets rid of her family for the day. Mac, Nathan, Rachel and Alfie go to The Hutch for lunch and bump into Tony, who recognises Mac from a couple of years above him at school and offers to give them a tour of the village. Meanwhile, Neeta turns up at The Dog.

Leela has written the victim impact statement for Cameron’s trial but panics when Tegan and Ste decide to go to court too – she doesn’t want them to know she’s helped Cameron. At court, Tegan and Ste are furious when Cameron gets off with a two-year driving ban, thanks to Leela. Leela’s shocked Cameron has been freed and tries to warn Peri. But it’s too late when Peri bumps into Cameron at the hospital – she gets in Nancy’s car and starts revving the engine, ready to run over her dad…

Tony and Diane get their relationship back on track – but Scott’s decided he’s not moving out! When Diane finds Scott out cold and he wakes and tells her he collapsed after drinking her cup of tea that Tony made, Diane accuses Tony of poisoning Scott! However, she soon realises the truth when she confronts Scott and he locks them both in the flat!

Also, Nancy and Darren are confused by the pictures Charlie’s drawing and decide to call a doctor. Charlie draws another picture and Darren can see it’s meant to be a dead body.