Elliot bonds with Gareth

Elliot is furious with Leila for contacting his long-lost dad behind his back. Leila confesses to Gareth that Elliot knew nothing about their reunion, but encourages him to try again with his son. Leila conspires to get Elliot down The Dog and turns up with Gareth and Elliot is furious. Elliot grudgingly agrees to speak to his dad and eventually they start to bond and Leila is delighted.

Daniel arranges to interview with Sandy and John, the couple that want to adopt Lucas. Daniel panics when Ste gets fired from Il Gnosh and arrives home early. Daniel manages to conceal from Ste that the adoption he’s discussing with the couple is for Lucas. Daniel later calmly tells an unwitting Ste that Sandy and John will get their baby soon…

Steph has offered to cook paella for Fernando but can’t find any of the ingredients in Drive ‘N’ Buy. Gilly suggests she cook Spanish omelette instead and gives her a recipe but he feels a twinge of jealousy. After dinner, Steph spills wine on Fernando and gives him one of Max’s old tops to wear but it freaks her out to see him in Max’s clothes and she asks him to leave.

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