Elliot collapses!

Elliot’s been struggling to cope with the pressures of running Darwin since Connie’s been put on enforced annual leave. Desperate to prove he can handle the situation, he persuades CEO Vanessa that he doesn’t need any extra help – while hiding growing concerns for his health. Unwell on the ward, suffering from dizziness and nausea, Elliot battles on, putting the feelings down to low blood sugar.

To ease his own mind, Elliot takes some blood samples to be tested for diabetes, worried that he may have developed the condition. But when the results come back inconclusive, he is left wondering if his problems are something more serious.

During an important operation, Elliot is forced to withdraw from surgery as his ill-health worsens and retreats to his office. Alone and scared, Elliot collapses, clutching his heart.

Penny, following Elliot after his departure from the OR, assists her boss and is quick to assure him that he’s not having a heart attack. It’s discovered that the good-natured surgeon is suffering from angina. Will Elliot continue to suffer in silence, or will he accept he needs help on Darwin?

Meanwhile, as Archie is laid to rest, stepfather Joseph is desperate to prove his wife Faye’s innocence following her recent arrest. Confronting nurse Lauren, who informed police about Faye’s interference in Archie’s care, he causes more harm than good as Lauren tearfully turns to Matron Judith for help.

Also; Maria’s first day back on the wards doesn’t go well when Donna annoys her with her lax attitude to work.