Elliot gets a blast from the past

It’s Elliot’s 50th birthday and Martha has organised a surprise birthday party for him despite the fact Elliot doesn’t like fuss. As Martha heads off to sort out the party, she bumps into Tara Sodi (played by Meera Syal), an old friend of Elliot. Martha invites Tara to Elliot’s party, and she readily accepts, excited about seeing Elliot again. Elliot ends up enjoying his party – but when Tara turns up, it seems that he’s not as pleased to see her as he first appears.

Meanwhile, Linden is tormented by his kiss with Faye but decides to take his mind off things by taking junior doctor Oliver under his wing. Linden reaches boiling point when he fails to save a patient, which shocks an already distraught Oliver. As Chrissie comforts Oliver, Linden rages that his conduct on the ward is ‘completely inappropriate’.

Also, Penny is frustrated that Oliver always seems to perform better than her and vows to prove she’s top dog. Defiant Penny shuns Daisha’s offer of help: she can do this on her own. But Penny is soon forced to swallow her pride and ask Daisha for help.

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