Elliot learns of Jac’s betrayal…

Professor Elliot Hope is fighting fit following his brain surgery a few weeks ago and jumps into action this week when a man suffers a heart attack in the hospital lift. Elliot’s hailed a hero as he saves Shaun’s life but his moment of glory is overshadowed when the team on Darwin receive an email from Holby CEO Guy Self, announcing surgeon Jac Naylor as the new ward director.

Elliot congratulates Jac, completely unaware her promotion also means he’s no longer leading the campaign for the Herzig, the artificial heart device he’s spent his life working on. But when Elliot decides Shaun is the perfect candidate to receive the Herzig – and wants to operate that day – Jac’s forced to drop the bombshell on Elliot that she’ll be taking over Shaun’s surgery and all promotion for the Herzig from now on.

Elliot can’t believe Jac was plotting his demise while he was on his sickbed – then when Jac says she’d be honoured if he’d assist her in Shaun’s surgery, Elliot’s so insulted he storms off! Later, Elliot tells Jac he understands her desire to follow her ambition – but can he ever forgive her for stabbing him in the back?

Meanwhile, Sacha and Essie are all loved up and Dominic is benefiting from Sacha’s happy mood on the ward. However, Essie begins to fear Sacha’s moving too fast and, when a patient recognises her from the papers, she’s forced to consider whether she’s really dealt with her past and is ready to face the future.

Also, Colette still needs convincing that Fletch is taking his job as AAU ward manager seriously and suspects he may have hired new nurse Kirstie (played by Helen Flanagan) for how she looks rather than for her qualifications. Will the new addition to AAU be able to charm Colette as well as Fletch?