Elliot meets his dad

Leila gets a message from Elliot’s long lost dad Gareth saying that he’s in town, but Kris warns her that it will cause a huge emotional upheaval for Elliot. Leila tries desperately to contact Gareth to put him off, but Gareth has already gone round to see his son. Elliot mistakes Gareth for a deliveryman, but he’s confused when he finds Gareth holding a picture of him as a young boy and he’s stunned when Leila introduces Gareth as his father.

Tony is in a bad mood after his split from Cindy and he’s pushed to the edge when Ste makes a mess of the canapes for the art show. Cindy arrives just in time to help and Tony is grateful. Cindy lies that Holly has left a DVD in Tony’s flat so she can get him alone to talk and after a bit of subtle persuasion Tony agrees to take her back.

Steph feels confused about her feelings for Fernando and tries to keep things professional. Fernando is surprised with Steph’s overly formal behaviour and suggests that they meet up later to discuss ideas. Fernando turns up at the flat and they share some wine and some cheesy dance moves and Steph finally starts to relax in Fernando’s company.

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