Elliot overdoses!

Archie tells Elliot about a new formula for a designer drug he’s been working on. He wants Elliot to test it, and while alone Elliot can’t help but to help himself to more of the pills. Kris eventually finds Elliot in the street, practically deranged. He finds out Archie’s been supplying him and they are both horrified when they realise Elliot’s overdosing. Archie watches on helpless as his Elliot collapses.

Mercedes is livid that Carmel now knows about the affair and tells Malachy they need to run away. Mercedes bargains for some time alone with Carmel and goes into how the affair started and why.

Mercedes tries to explain that Calvin loved Carmel, but she accidentally admits she went to him on the morning of the wedding. Carmel’s livid, but starts to come around when she learns Calvin rejected her sister. Carmel agrees not to move out, but something about Mercedes’ apology sits uneasy with Malachy.

Also, Gilly’s horrified when Jem bumps into Steph and they decide to go for a drink. Jem grills Steph about the time she declared her love for Gilly, and Steph writes it off as a drunken mistake. Jem then admits to Rhys that it’s clear Steph’s still in love then she confronts Gilly.

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