Elliot performs radical heart surgery

It’s the day of Elliot and Tara’s pioneering heart operation, but Elliot has second thoughts about doing it and Joseph is left to step in. But with the stress clearly getting to Joseph, Elliot realises that it’s in the best interests of the patient that he himself should carry out the procedure. Will the operation be a success?

Meanwhile, Donna throws herself into her work on the ward unable to face the harsh reality that her father may never regain consciousness. Then Donna receives the news she dreads: tests reveal that Derek isn’t responding well to treatment and Donna is forced to say a tearful goodbye to her father as his life-support machine is switched off.

Elsewhere, Oliver lands himself in hot water with Chrissie after accidently sending her a rude email meant for Penny. Oliver takes Chrissie for drink to apologise and, several drinks later, Oliver kisses Chrissie and the pair go home together.