Hannah‘s beauty pageant gets underway and everyone is impressed. But disaster strikes when Hannah’s bikini top flies off into the audience and Elliot has to save his girlfriend’s modesty. After the pageant ends, Leila lets Gilly down gently. Justin spots his opportunity and asks Leila out, but his timing is terrible and he gets a slap on the face.

Calvin and Warren discuss Mark’s relationship with Carmel and the raid on The Loft. Warren tells Calvin that they need to do something about Mark. Although tempted, Calvin tells Warren to leave it. But later, when Warren spots Mark out on a run in a secluded spot, he takes the opportunity to get his revenge and beats Mark to within an inch of his life, escaping unrecognised.

Louise encourages Carmel to make up with Calvin, but she is convinced it’s over. Louise takes matters into her own hands and pleads with Calvin to make amends. As Calvin reunites with Carmel at the pageant, Louise decides to save her own relationship and tells to Warren that she still wants to marry him.

Also, Myra tells Jacqui to sort her life out. Jacqui resolves to return to work, but Tony refuses to give her Tan & Tumble, offering to sell it to her instead.

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