After weeks of ignoring his blurred vision, headaches and forgetfulness, Professor Elliot Hope recently went for an MRI scan, which revealed a growth on his brain. Elliot wants to keep his ill health a secret, this week, so that he can focus on the official launch of his pioneering artificial heart, the Herzig 5. With his life’s work under the scrutiny of the cardiac surgeons visiting Holby, Elliot knows he can’t mess up!

Elliot feels the pressure, however, during an operation on the Herzig’s latest recipient, Justin Culver, and when some stitches burst he freezes. Guy orders Elliot to take a break and, outside theatre, the professor collapses in Jonny’s arms. It looks like the Herzig launch is going to be a disaster until a familiar face turns up to finish Justin’s op – it’s Jac! Guy orders an urgent MRI scan for Elliot, who admits he’s already had one – and what the results revealed.

Guy insists he has another scan, which confirms Elliot has Cushing’s Disease, a benign tumour which, when removed, should lead to a full recovery. With Elliot out of action, Jac takes over his planned Herzig Q&A session and, when her tough-talking approach influences various hospitals to take on the Herzig, Guy asks her to look after the campaign until Elliot is back on his feet. But does Jac have Elliot’s best interests at heart?

When Serena’s mother’s carer calls in sick, Holby’s deputy CEO is forced to bring Adrienne, who’s showing signs of having dementia, into Holby. Later, as they head home, a confused Adrienne lashes out, leaving Serena with a cut lip. Adrienne’s unaware of what she’s done but Serena’s in no doubt her mum’s condition is going to get worse…

Also, Zosia’s struggling to cope with Jesse’s abrupt departure and lack of contact. Arthur dismisses her upset until Dominic makes him realise she’s truly heartbroken – can Arthur help Zosia back on the right path or will he just make things worse?