Geoff and Ruby sign up for Elliot’s free diving lessons. All goes swimmingly, until Nicole starts having trouble breathing. Elliot holds her underwater, apparently to force her to stop holding her breath, but a concerned Geoff firmly makes him let her go. Unsettled, Nicole accepts Elliot’s explanation, but when Geoff picks up Nicole’s oxygen tank, Elliot goes ballistic, telling them not to touch any equipment. He then bans Geoff and Ruby from the lesson.

Elsewhere, Roman worries about the amount of time Nicole has been spending with Elliot, which is fuelled by an instinctive distrust. And when Geoff comes to Roman with his own worries about Elliot, his concerns grow stronger.

Tony and Rachel learn that his reverse vasectomy was a success. But as they go through their wedding plans, Rachel is blasé and seemingly not fussed about the details of what should be the happiest day of her life. Meanwhile, Jimmy, one of Rachel’s psychiatric patients, begs her not to go on her honeymoon because she’s the only one who can treat him.

Later that night as Tony and Rachel spend time at home, Rachel sees someone watching through the glass door. Tony investigates, but nobody is there. But he doesn’t notice that Jimmy is spying on them…

*Showing on RTE One, Friday October 3*

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