Stuck on the tripwire that Elliot set up to kill him, Roman desperately tries to find a way to escape. As Elliot rushes back to his truck, he hears an explosion, and assumes Roman is dead. So Elliot is shocked when a blood-stained Roman catches up with him, having somehow managed to escape the tripwire.

Desperate to find Nicole, Roman forces Elliot to the Police Station. But he is frustrated when Elliot refuses to divulge any information to Charlie. Hoping to persuade Elliot to come clean, Roman tells Elliot the whole truth about his brother and how he died. The plan works, and Elliot agrees to tell them where Nicole is.

Later, Roman and Irene are worried when Alf informs them, that with a storm fast approaching, they won’t be able to start the search for Nicole and Geoff until morning.

Meanwhile, over on the deserted island, Geoff and Nicole start to open up about their feelings for each another. After admitting how much they like one another, they find themselves in a very passionate embrace. But how far will they go?

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday October 15*

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