At the Bait Shop, Alf’s suspicions that Elliot has been pilfering are confirmed and Elliot is immediately fired. The final blow for Elliot comes when Nicole calls off their relationship. Angry and upset, Elliot storms off, clears out his van and appears to skip town…

Aden is horrified to receive a call from the bank telling him they haven’t received any repayments since Larry went missing and are now arranging a mortgage sale of his property. Belle suggests lending Aden her 4000 dollars savings for repayments in order for him to keep the house a bit longer. As they seal the deal, an overjoyed Aden is unaware that Larry is hiding out in the house – and has heard everything.

Later, back at the townhouse, Belle and Aden head upstairs, leaving the money Belle has just withdrawn from the bank in her bag on the table. When they come back down, they find the bag open and the money gone. Suspecting Elliot, Aden accuses him of stealing, which he angrily denies.

Meanwhile, Aden is unaware that Larry is in his hiding place, getting stuck into a bottle of whiskey with an envelope full of Belle’s cash by his side.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday October 7*

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