Elliot’s got a date!

When psychiatrist Sharon offers Elliot a ticket to the opera, the widowed doctor happily accepts as Jac, Mo and Jonny look on with interest. But when Jac later asks Elliot if he’s looking forward to his date with Sharon, he insists it’s not a date and is clearly uncomfortable with her teasing. So when Sharon then suggests having dinner after the show, Elliot lies that he can no longer go to the opera because he’ll be in surgery.

It’s clear Elliot’s worried about what the date means but, later, with some encouragement from Jac, who says it’s time he ‘got back on the horse’, Elliot plucks up the courage to tell Sharon he’d like to go out with her after all. Could this be the start of a blossoming relationship?

Elsewhere, Michael struggles to remain impartial as Seb deteriorates and his parents can’t be found. And with Jasmine wanting to know if she can stay in England with him, what will Michael decide?

Also, when Harry is put in charge of AAU for the day, he and Gemma clash – but will a difficult case make Gemma see a different side to Harry?