Elliot is reluctant to give a press conference about the operation on Lucy, but when he sees how excited Tara is about the coverage, he agrees. Then his worst nightmare occurs: a couple arrive who he hasn’t seen for 25 years. Rob and Marcie Landis are the parents of the child he lost while doing the same procedure 25 years ago.

The Landis’s give Elliot and Tara an ultimatum – stop the publicity machine before they tell the press about their daughter. Can Elliot and Tara convince them that medicine has changed – and they’re doing this to save the life of a child, not for their own glory?

Ric tells Donna that the Multi Disciplinary Team are in agreement – her dad Derek’s cancer is inoperable. But Donna has been doing her own research and wants to dispute the verdict. Michael asks Ric to reconsider, and when Ric sees Donna with her father, he agrees to the operation.

Joseph reads Faye’s credit card statement and becomes suspicious about a number of transactions. Faye asks him what’s wrong, but he insists everything is fine, and Linden clocks the atmosphere between them. Faye learns her card has been cloned. She tells Joseph, but he’s a bad liar and fails to conceal the fact he didn’t trust her.