Elly is still feeling insecure about her relationship with Mark and leans on Paige for advice. Paige reassures her friend and later blasts Mark for not treating Elly right. However, Elly and Xanthe find a draft of Paige’s letter to Mark and realise Steph is innocent. Elly asks Steph if Mark has feelings for Paige and, when Steph can’t answer, Elly confronts Paige. Paige admits she does have feelings for Mark, but never intended to act on them. Feeling betrayed by her friends, how will Elly respond?

Meanwhile, Terese feels terrible after accusing Courtney of lewd acts at the spa. She tries to apologise, but Courtney feels humiliated and doesn’t want to hear a word Terese has to say. She packs up her equipment at the day spa and finds out from Xanthe that everyone assumed the worst about her, leaving her even more hurt. Next, the hotel inspector has turned up to judge Lassiters. Will Terese do enough to convince them that Lassiters deserves five stars?

Also, Toadie is worried about Nell’s bad behaviour, so he has booked an appointment with a therapist. However, Toadie decides he won’t tell Sonya about his decision. Will Sonya find out? And will Toadie’s actions affect the progress they have made in their marriage?