Elly finds a pregnancy test

But who does the test belong to?

Elly is shocked to find a positive pregnancy test and begins to worry that it could belong to Izzy. After her and Aaron can’t figure out who the test belongs to, Elly tells Susan and Karl about it. The Kennedys confront Izzy who says the test does not belong her, but she still could be pregnant. Izzy’s attitude infuriates Susan and she demands that Karl takes legal action – but will they have a leg to stand on in the courts?

Ben is starting to think that he made the wrong decision by turning Kirby’s job offer down. His home life isn’t the happiest environment and his job is unfulfilling. After thinking more and more about Kirby’s job offer, he tells Xanthe his thoughts. How will Xanthe take the news?

Also, trapped under a concrete slab, Leo yells for help. Rafael is about to call the emergency services when Mark finds Leo trapped. Mark calls for help and Leo is rushed to hospital. Rafael is torn over the accident and goes to the hospital to find out if Leo’s injuries are life threatening. He sees a distraught David at the hospital, who believes Rafael has arrived at the hospital to support him. Mishti is beside herself with worry at the hospital, but is relieved that Leo has nothing more than bruised ribs. However, Mishti has a big announcement…