As Elly prepares to launch the community book exchange, Susan discusses her relationship with Mark. She remarks about how Elly is trying so hard with her new boyfriend, yet her relationship with Paige seems non-existent. Elly tells Susan that Paige has feelings for Mark and that the news has left her feeling insecure.

Later, Mark arrives late to the book exchange launch because he wanted to support Paige as she took Gabe to the doctors. Will this push Elly to see that Mark might not be the man for her?

Also, Jack and Dipi find out that money has been stolen because Yashvi fell asleep at work! Yashvi is extremely apologetic and says she only fell asleep because she was so tired. Jack accepts her explanation until he sees a video of her on Snapchat flashing the cash around. Will Yashvi be able to keep her job? And who took the money and why?