Elly Conway sets her sights on Mark

Elly Conway likes the look of the Brennan brothers

Thrown by Belinda’s kiss, Steph decides to tell Mark everything. For Charlie’s sake, Mark bottles up his own insecurities and they present a united front to Charlie as Steph assures him that her future is with Mark.

Dustin mistakenly thinks Jack’s angry with him for taking advantage of Paige but Paige sets him straight and urges Dustin to call Jack. Jack sees that Paige is turning her life around – and her strength only leaves him more torn about his future with her.

Mark has caught Elly’s eye and she’s stunned to learn that his girlfriend is Steph Scully. Later, Mark struggles in the wake of the tension with Belinda – and Elly files that all away.

Karl and Aaron continue to work on their bike safety campaign and Aaron posts a video on social media of the “bike lane” that he and Karl have painted on a local road. Sonya is furious that Karl has pretended he has her support. Sparks fly, but a shocking accident that could have endangered Nell leaves Sonya rattled.