Elly Conway tries to get Ned’s attention

Elly Conway flirts with Ned in Neighbours

A spurred Elly recruits a reluctant Tyler to join Ned and Madison’s second date, a backyard swim in the Turner’s pool. But Paige is annoyed and rips into Elly, who fires back with some unpleasant truths about Paige’s obsession with Father Jack. Later, Tyler apologises for Elly’s behaviour and re-commits to training Paige for her upcoming fight.

Gary, unable to explain his whereabouts at the time Cooper was assaulted, becomes the prime suspect. Xanthe believes in her father’s innocence and suggests to Mark that Ben could be responsible. But as Mark closes in on Gary, Paul gives him with a false alibi – making his dreams of leaving his criminal past behind even more distant.

Terese agrees when Tim wants a room at Lassiters for corporate hospitality and in return, will encourage negative coverage of Paul’s motel. The Star publishes an unfavourable story about Paul’s sidewalk-seating application and he threatens to return the bad press with interest. When Tim brings Terese a USB stick containing footage from hidden cameras that have been planted throughout her hotel, they both assume Pau’s at fault.