Romeo is in a bad way. He’s feeling ill and is concerned about yesterday’s disastrous lunch at Sid’s. When Indi reveals that he’s causing a lot of friction for her at home, Romeo struggles to understand why. Until Emily visits him and tells him that he has Chlamydia.

Marilyn challenges Sid over his behaviour at the family meal yesterday and he reveals that a patient of his contracted Chlamydia from Romeo. When Marilyn tells him he’s got to tell Indi, Sid informs her that his oath as a doctor prevents him from sharing private patient details, even when Indi’s health is at stake.

Colleen hears that Brodie has escaped from police custody and she’s feeling very stressed. When Keith comes to visit, they make plans for a quiet afternoon together. As the afternoon progresses, all seems to be going well… Until Charlie arrives with a startling development.