Emily solves the problem of Norris’s wrecked dancing shoes by lending him Ernest’s, on the understanding that he takes extra special care with them. When Tracy, who’s still claiming to be ill, later manages to destroy these too, Emily erupts and throws her out of No 3. Despite still claiming everything’s going wrong because she’s really ill, Ken refuses to take her in. It seems Tracy has finally run out of options.

A troubled Tyrone calls Kirsty for the umpteenth time. Struggling to hide the fact that she’s left him from the street he snaps at Rob when he asks why she’s not at work and causes friction at the garage. After a difficult day he eventually crumbles and confesses all to Tina. She’s sympathetic suggesting that maybe it’s for the best, but Tyrone’s struggling to keep it together.

Ryan’s been asked to perform another gig at the pub, but reckons he can’t because his amp is bust. Steve’s help is also clearly unwelcome.

Also, Mary’s luck’s on the turn when Hayley learns the Elgar recital in Malvern clashes with a last minute chance to join Norris at a dance competition; Chesney finds an antidote to his business frustrations in family matters, when Katy suggests getting Joseph christened.