Emma admits her guilt at the inquest into James’s death!

At the inquest in to James's shock death his unhinged killer fiancee Emma admits she was responsible…

*First episode*

It’s the inquest into James’s death and having been instrumental in her fiancé’s grisly demise, Emma is literally buckling at the knees. As the pathologist takes to the stand, will the abuse James suffered at the hands of his unhinged fiancée have been uncovered?

As Emma heads to the stand, she breaks down, admitting James’s death is all her fault…

Belle’s upset when her dad and stepmum Joanie reveal they’re moving. But is Zak really up for leaving the village? Carly warns Brenda when Marlon comes out in a rash after using his girlfriend’s face cream.

David is keen to raise money for the cancer ward and its staff which helped him beat the disease. Getting on board, Frank dresses up as an elf and invites people to pie him for David’s good cause!