Emma and Franc have a drunken fumble

Barry plucks up the courage to tell Valerie how he feels at Al and Niamh’s yuletide party, but his declaration of love is drowned out by the music. Later, Valerie goes to ask him what he wanted to say but he’s fallen into a drunken slumber. Niamh also has a bit too much ale and flirts with Franc, leading Al to give him a bloody nose. Emma rushes Franc to the bathroom and they end up in a clinch. Later, everyone finds them snogging in a corner like a pair of teenagers.

Karen tells Immie she’s decided that Rob’s wedding plan has to be to replay the original wedding in all its eighties glory. But Immie’s not convinced – why cling onto the past when you can’t remember it? Karen argues that her wedding day was the happiest day of her life.

Karen gets a bit tipsy and phones Rob to tell him she loves him whatever he’s got planned, but Rob is trying to catch a small time crook and thanks to Karen’s phone call, he’s too late to catch him.