Emma and Howard are getting on well and can’t resist a kiss, but then pull themselves up – after all, it’s against the rules. Back at the house, Emma says it’s time she went home but suddenly they are kissing passionately – tonight the rules are out the window!

Daniel has booked a table at a restaurant – he’s delighted and so is Zara, until they discover that Howard and Emma have booked a table, too. Zara is honest about what happened with Michael while Daniel apologises for not being there for her. They get onto the subject of Joe and discuss how they are going to approach his development issues in future together. Later, they leave the restaurant and Zara invites Daniel to stay the night. 

Nadia works in a restaurant kitchen and is sleeping with the chef. But her colleague, Kim, is jealous of their relationship and making her life hell. Nadia soon realises that Kim has her best interests at heart, though, when she finds the chef in a compromising position with another waitress!