Howard sets up another counselling session for him and Emma. He starts to talk about how his father left him and Emma suddenly sees him in a new light. Later, Howard asks Emma if she can come round but she turns him down – rules are rules. Howard is left feeling let down and frustrated.

Kim tells Heston that she’s lost her way since her playwright husband, Neil, committed suicide. But after a bit of digging Heston soon discovers Neil was a liar and fraud. Kim tells Heston that she has no desire to follow Neil into the grave and it’s time for her to stand on her own two feet.

Zara asks Daniel to move to a local hotel for a few days. Daniel agrees but he would like to come and see her after Joe’s gone to bed. Later, Jimmi shows them both an article about Michael – he’s been forced to resign from his post at the university. Zara blames Daniel, while Jimmi takes a dark delight in their antagonism.