Howard discusses the plans for the 40-day date project with Emma: today they are having lunch and then attending a session with relationship counsellor Kate Etches. After their lunch, Emma and Niamh enter into deep discussion about relationships, while Howard and Al end up talking about Howard’s choice of food rather than the date!

Later, Emma tries to tell Howard they don’t need to see the relationship counsellor now but is dismayed when Howard insists they still go. However, at the counselling session it is Emma who does most of the talking, and Howard is left feeling out of his depth.

Meanwhile, single mother, Sandra, is struggling to cope with her disruptive son Wade and is arguing with her neighbour, Clive. Ayesha talks to Sandra who reveals that Wade can be aggressive at times and Ayesha advises her to seek professional support. Outside, Sandra is stunned when Clive and Wade come to an understanding and a fragile mutual respect is born.