Trapped together, sharing the Campus for the day, Emma can’t help but pester Jimmi for his take on the O’Neil/Dave rape case. Jimmi remains neutral, refusing to give away any information on the veracity of O’Neil’s accusation after he examined her. It is clear, however, that he believes her. Emma tries to attack him to undermine his faith in O’Neil’s innocence. Hasn’t he seen lives destroyed by false rape claims before? Isn’t it clear that vindictive O’Neil is just taking revenge on Dave for ending their relationship? When Emma suggests that, as he’s gained O’Neil’s trust, he could try to persuade her to drop the charges, Jimmi lashes out – maybe O’Neil is unpleasant, but it’s not only nice women who get raped, is it?!

Meanwhile, Chris is encouraged to fill the empty slot at the radio station by Jas when he enquires about when she and Kevin are doing a follow-up to their disastrous initial programme. This means persuading Howard, who is still far from Chris’s favourite person at The Mill. When he plucks up the courage to approach Howard, he’s rebuffed with the patronising response that Howard only thinks it’s suitable for a doctor to do the show. Chris comes back with a compelling argument – he’s trained to listen and be personable as a nurse, and has done radio work with the youth centre. Howard backtracks, but warns Chris he’s only got one shot…

Also, Karen is drawn into the mission of an elderly salesman to make the most important sale of his life before he retires.