Emma speaks with the social worker in a last-ditch attempt to support Rhiannon’s case. When she returns to The Mill, Ruhma tells her that the court has decided to return Nicholas to his parents. Emma watches as Jane hands Nicholas over to Rhiannon and Paul, and as Jane privately hopes it was the right decision, Emma is certain everything will be fine.

Jean and Connie decide to fight the rising crime rate on their estate despite Heston trying to convince them to take it easy. When a call comes in about a mugging, Connie rushes out the door and is distraught when she discovers Jean has been attacked. Connie tells Jean that she’s giving up playing detective then gets down on one knee. Jean is thrilled and says ‘yes’ as they share their first kiss.

Al’s told his blood sugar levels are too high and decides to make a pilgrimage to Darwin’s former home in Lichfield – and he’ll do it on foot! Karen isn’t convinced and challenges him not to take any public transport – and to live on ten pounds a day.