Emma finds Sonia hiding in a toilet cubicle in the advanced stages of labour. Emma wants her to go to hospital but Sonia reacts in horror – she has tokophobia – a fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Sonia’s husband turns up and she finally gives birth to a baby girl in hospital. Emma convinces her to come to get regular check-ups. She agrees, if Emma will be her GP.

Barry’s reluctant about applying for the Assistant Head of Security role after his disastrous mock interview. Barry talks to Rob about a car that might link to the break ins. Rob is impressed and also encourages Barry to apply for the promotion. Barry agrees and goes to Mrs Tembe for another mock interview, which goes very well.

When Heather runs to throw up at the sight of some deli food, she tells Heather she’s three weeks’ pregnant, which means it’s Phil’s. Heather doesn’t want to talk to Jimmi, but Niamh tells her she has to – it’s the right thing to do.