Emma drops a bombshell on Howard!

Howard’s secretly happy at the chance to be a father again and has to hide his horror when Emma suggests a termination as an option. Emma wishes he would speak truthfully about what he wants but, frustratingly, he just says he will respect whatever decision she makes.

Jimmi follows his teenage patient, Albie, to a squat where a cry of pain from upstairs gets his attention and he discovers Albie’s girlfriend, Kim, has gone into labour. To everyone’s relief, the baby is delivered safely but when Jimmi goes to get his car, the pair do a runner with the baby.

Mrs Tembe announces that she’s got enough money to get a facilitator in for her happiness project. Heston is reluctant to embrace the project; happiness to him means peace and quiet. Suddenly, Mrs Tembe has a brainwave… meditation! She phones up a facilitator and learns that they can do a session tomorrow.

Also, Ayesha is stressed about the Hayden situation, while Hayden is becoming better friends with Sid as they make plans for the weekend ahead.