It’s Mandy’s last day at Ashgate Lodge and she invites Emma over for lunch. Emma envies Mandy’s freedom, but Mandy claims the grass is always greener. Mandy reveals she’s realised staying at Freya’s isn’t a long term option and that she needs to make somewhere her own. She says a tearful goodbye to all of the small-hold animals.

Meanwhile, Chris is looking after Sam who is now taking antibiotics for his urine infection. Sam says he is fine, but soon takes a turn for the worse. Chris calls an ambulance and tries in vain to get through to Emma who has no reception. The prognosis at the hospital is not good, and when Emma arrives Chris tells her it’ll be her fault if he dies – she ignored all the warning signs!

Also, Al’s patient Brenda has been a slave to raging PMT most of her life, so she thinks the onset of the menopause is cause for celebration, until Al suggests otherwise…