Rachel wants lecturer Collette to sign her application for a financial sponsorship. But when Rachel sees Collette in a clinch with fellow student Neil, Collette tells her her application won’t be processed in time. Suddenly we see Rachel lying unconscious in front of a nitrogen tank. Emma enters and as Rachel’s body is taken away, Neil and Collette realise that their actions contributed to Rachel’s suicide.

A troubled Ayesha pops back home and is furious to find Bren trying to hide a can of lager. Anthony isn’t impressed when patients ring to complain that Ayesha hasn’t turned up for house calls and tells her this is her final warning!

Valerie is back and poor Al gets the full extent of her frustration. How did he miss her cancer signs when she saw him all those months ago? Al insists he saw her as a friend not a doctor, but Valerie makes a phone call – she needs to speak to someone about medical malpractice!