Emma faces the biggest test of her career

Emma’s called out to Rhiannon and Paul’s house where she discovers Rhiannon’s dropped Nicholas. Rob is alarmed to see Emma – and he’s concerned that she won’t remain impartial. Nicholas is lying motionless on the floor with a horrible head injury, while Rhiannon insists she didn’t mean to drop him, she tripped and Nicholas hit his head on the coffee table. Emma struggles to remain professional as she examines the body and declares life extinct. Later, Rob asks Emma if she reckons the death was an accident. Of course it was an accident, says Emma, why on earth would you even ask that? Rob replies that he’s just keeping an open mind…

Mrs Tembe is having misgivings about selling her house – she doesn’t want to deceive anyone about the kind of area that she lives in. But Al tells her that living in a noisy student area doesn’t have to be a problem – she just has to pitch to the right audience. By the end of the day, he’s fielding offers from landlords interested in letting to students.