Emma fakes a funny turn!

Already convinced something is going on between Chas and James, Emma clocks them talking in the Rovers and puts a stop to it by faking a funny turn! When Pete, who’s been told by his mum that she might have motor neurone disease, later tells his dad Emma’s recently not been very well, James heads to Dr Bailey to find out more. Unable to break patient confidentiality, Dr Bailey gets round the problem by leaving Emma’s notes visible. James soon realises Emma has lied. When he later confronts her, she turns the argument around and accuses him of having an affair with Chas!

Later, Emma tries to apologise and snatches the engagement ring from James, insisting they can still get married. But James only has one thing on his mind: Emma must tell their boys there’s nothing wrong with her.

Finding Ronnie having trouble at the Mill site, Lawrence steps in to help. His good deeds leads the two enemies to have a drink together. Is the ice between the former friends starting to thaw?

Elsewhere, Chas wakes from a nightmare absolutely terrified and close to tears.