Emma finds a reason to stay in the village

*Second episode*

After learning about Ross’s ill-fated relationship with Donna, Emma’s heart breaks for her son’s loss. She tries to talk to Pete, but he still refuses to forgive her for what she did before she abandoned her family. Despite his unwillingness to let bygones be bygones, Pete tells his mum that he’s not going to stop her from staying in the village. Later, as Finn tells Ross that Emma’s decided to stick around, will she use Donna as leverage to build bridges with her son?

Chrissie’s still peeved that Katie accused Robert of having an affair with Alicia so she’s incredulous when Robert tells Katie to pop by later so they can so they go over the details of the farm. After all the trouble Katie’s caused, Chrissie can’t believe Robert’s still willing to strike a deal with her! 

With Pollard up in arms about the scrapyard, Adam asks Moira to buy back his share of the farm so he can make a financial deal with the B&B owner.

Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to reassure Nicola about their afternoon of passion which didn’t go to plan, but that’s the least of her worries…