Emma flirts with James!

When Emma signs up for the fun run, Debbie is suspicious. She’s sure Emma has an ulterior motive and Debbie’s proved right later when she spies Emma cosying up to James, who’s also taking part. Worried for Chas, Debbie warns her aunt that Emma’s been flirting with her bloke.

The trial may be over but the pain continues for Alicia, who’s decided she wants the family to have a fresh start away from the village. But David’s not up for it and nor is Jacob. Blaming his mum’s decision on Lachlan, Jacob wants revenge. As he heads up to Home Farm where Lachlan lives, what’s the angry lad got in mind? 

Living at the Dingles’ place is doing Rachel’s head in. She’s fed up with the family and feels like an outsider. Baiting Belle, is Rachel angling for a way out of the house on a permanent basis?