Emma gets an explosive new lead

Emma has a meeting with Bryant, who claims he has some new information. When Bryant reveals that Max made the anonymous phone call about their relationship that got her in trouble, Emma is stunned. Furiously confronting Max, Emma tells him that it’s over between them. Before she leaves, Max gives Emma an envelope addressed to her. Inside is a USB stick with video from the night Lucy was murdered.

Stacey is suspicious of Linda’s evasive behaviour around Dean, but Linda insists all is fine. When Mick announces her pregnancy at The Vic raffle, Linda is taken by surprise. As Dean turns up, Linda goes into meltdown, wrongly accusing Denise of stealing a bottle of rum. Determined to get Linda to talk, Stacey opens up about her own past ordeal. It’s soon clear to Stacey that Linda was raped by Dean.

Jane is left running the cafe alone when Ian fails to turn up when he’s supposed to. When Ian finally arrives Jane steps outside. Overhearing Alfie tell Kat that Ian is letting him stay on his sofa, Jane is impressed by Ian’s kindness, rewarding him with a kiss.

Also, Kat wants nothing to do with Alfie. Dot finds Nick and Yvonne getting passionate on the sofa!