Emma gets to grips with yoga

Arriving at the yoga retreat, Emma tells instructor Adam she’s looking forward to doing some serious yoga. Unfortunately, as the first class gets underway, Emma’s inexperience shows and Adam has to help her more than the other students, leaving her feeling humiliated. When Adam urges Emma not to give up on herself and to try again, Emma agrees but the afternoon session is even more difficult and now the other students are sniggering behind her back!

When Emma gets stuck in a yoga position, forcing Adam to come to her rescue once again, Emma storms out. Adam goes after her and Emma says she needs some alone time to do something that definitely helps her to relax. Adam smiles in admiration as Emma roars in frustration. 

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe is startled when Josh turns up at church – he’s come to apologise for how he spoke to her the other day but Mrs Tembe says she can’t befriend him anymore. Josh then says he’s ready to tell her why he committed the rapes and, after some shock revelations, Mrs Tembe leaves but, when she returns later, Josh is still there. Mrs Tembe knows he’s trying to change and, whether she likes it or not, it would seem God has chosen her to try and help him.

Elsewhere, Rob has been avoiding Karen’s calls, so she decides to go to the station, where Rob and Jimmi are dealing with a child who’s been arrested for street robbery. When Karen gets to the station, Rob makes it very clear he’s not ready to forgive her yet!