Emma goes clubbing and meets a handsome stranger

When they arrive at a nightclub, Emma eyes the trendy students going in and feels overdressed, but Niamh will not be put off and drags her in. While Niamh takes over the dance floor, Emma’s left feeling awkward until she spots a guy, Gareth, who admits he too feels out of place after coming out with younger colleagues.

As Emma and Gareth laugh at the comedy dancing – including Niamh’s – the chemistry sizzles. Niamh heads home, leaving Emma and Gareth flirting happily and finally as they arrive at her house, Emma drunkenly pulls him in. But as she leads him up the stairs, Gareth seems more interested in checking out her ‘nice place’…

Meanwhile, Rob takes Karen to ‘Le Petit Mouton’, an exclusive French Restaurant, and Rob is choked with emotion when Karen thanks him for sticking with her. When Rob suggests a weekend in Paris, Karen’s delighted, but they’re distracted when Immie calls Rob to tell him she’s had her purse stolen. As he offers fatherly advice, Rob notices Karen’s showing no concern at all. When Rob wonders aloud about driving down to London, Karen suggests he’s being a bit OTT. This riles Rob who questions what kind of mother she is, before throwing money on the table and storming off!

Also, in a darkened art gallery, Howard finds himself playing cat and mouse – but will he catch his man?