Emma has a confession for Howard

Emma reveals she’s going through the menopause and Howard wonders why she hadn’t mentioned it before. Kate asks Howard if he still wants children; Emma laughs and says that’s the last thing Howard would ever want, which upsets him. Later, Emma tells Niamh that her brother Sean can stay with them, as Niamh warily observes Ayesha and Sean getting on well. 

Niamh tells Ayesha that her father drew Sean towards crime so she turned him in. When Sean smiles at a male waiter, Ayesha puts her hand on his, but Niamh misreads this as a sign of flirtation. Sean thinks an oblivious Niamh understands that he is coming out as gay, and they hug. 

Daniel is hit by Don’s car and, while down at the police station, the pair meet police officer Reece who suddenly collapses and is rushed to hospital. Will he be OK?

Also, Karen suggests to Rob that they try the 40-Day Date, but he refuses to start dating her when they have already been married twice!