Emma’s desperate to get custody of grandson Moses and proves she will stop at nothing. When she finds Charity’s other son, Noah, leaving his bags to leave Butler’s she learns Charity has told her boy to run away to make Moira feel guilty. Spotting an opportunity to back Charity into a corner, Emma gets involved… Later, she tells Ross he really should make sure he gets his name on Moses’ birth certificate before Charity’s released from prison.

At Marlon’s place, Paddy gets a shock when he finds Tess there! Unable to say anything to his secret lover, who’s furious over the hotel fiasco, Paddy leaves and is desperately worried about what Tess is about to say and do.

Not knowing whether Laurel’s pregnancy has terminated itself, following a scary bleeding episode which led them to have an inconclusive scan in hospital, Laurel and Ashley pray in church, willing their unborn child to survive.