Emma has her eye on Franc

Franc offers to go Christmas shopping with Emma. She returns to the surgery and tells Ayesha that she may have been too quick to judge Franc – he’s a lovely, generous man!

Karen is trying to get to the bottom of Rob’s plans for the wedding and when she checks his web history she comes to the conclusion he wants an underwater setting. Flippers and wet suits? She’s horrified! Karen begs Heston to have a quiet word with Rob. Perhaps he can talk Rob out of it before it’s too late.

Ayesha does a home visit on an elderly patient, Freda, whose son, Max, is leaning heavily on young carer Tasha. Freda suggests Tasha’s been abusing her. Ayesha phones Tasha’s care agency and they tell her Tasha has an excellent record – it is Max who is a difficult employer. Freda admits that she wanted Tasha to leave as she felt Max was taking advantage of her. Freda makes a decision – she’s going into a nursing home.