Emma has to live with her actions

Rob tells Emma and Ruhma that Rhiannon has made a serious allegation against Paul and they’re both under arrest while the police investigate. Ruhma tells Rob that she never saw Paul be aggressive but Emma reveals that Paul was very angry when Nicholas was taken away from them and lashed out against a wall.

Mrs Tembe says that she wishes Emma had made her more aware of the full facts of the case: she fears that there may be implications for the practice. Later, Jane Fairweather turns up and asks Emma if there’s anything they could have done differently. Emma gets defensive but Jane protests she’s not allocating blame, but if Nicholas had been taken into care, he’d still be alive. She has to find a way of living with that – and so does Emma. Emma looks at Jane, struggling to take in the implications of what she has said.

Also, Zara tries to apologise to Heston for her thoughtless behaviour at dinner the other night – but Heston suggests that it’s not him she should apologise to…