Emma helps a patient tell the truth

With Emma’s help, Sean comes clean to his tough fireman dad, Frank, that he’s gay and that his abusive ex boyfriend may have given him HIV. He feels that he still doesn’t have Frank’s full acceptance but makes his way to the station to bring charges against his former boyfriend.

Niamh arrives at Dr Richmond’s office but he’s considered all of the evidence and he thinks terminally ill young boy Harry is too sick to travel. Al is surprised by Niamh’s close involvement with the family and agrees with Dr Richmond. Niamh insists to Harry’s dad Ben that, despite the warnings, she will do everything that she can to get Harry to Switzerland.

Valerie tells Zara that she’s not sure she’s as happy as she’d hoped to find out she’s in remission. Zara softens and explains that many patients can feel a huge sense of anti-climax after receiving the news.

Also, Heston and Karen are outraged when Anthony starts to enforce increased charges for services that The Mill already offers.