Emma helps a troubled patient

Emma goes to see Rhiannon, a patient she met last week who withheld some important information. Rhiannon admits that her first child was taken away by Social Services when she wasn’t able to look after her, but insists she’s ready to be a mum and asks Emma to help her.

Al tries to help Andy, a down-on-his-luck patient whose ex-wife won’t allow him to see their daughter on her birthday. Al’s words of encouragement may have got through to Andy and he is buoyed when he finally gets to see his daughter.

Daniel, Zara, Jimmi and Anthony hold a partners’ meeting to discuss the merger with King’s Green. Jimmi tries to argue the case against it, but with Daniel and Zara backing the plan, he feels increasingly isolated. Jimmi tells Anthony he won’t support the merger, but Anthony insists it’ll go ahead whether Jimmi supports it or not.

Elsewhere, Karen is disappointed that her testimony won’t be required for the Treehouse trials, and Heston and Ruhma experience ongoing tension.