Emma investigates patient Jeanie’s death…

DS Cunningham is investigating the death of Emma’s patient, Jeanie. In a flashback, Jeanie tells Emma she’s new to the area and has been having headaches. Cunningham reveals there was no sign of forced entry and she wasn’t found for two years. Cunningham interviews Jeanie’s next door neighbour, Clive, in his flat.

In another flashback we see Clive helping Jeanie but feeling dizzy. He then invites her to have Christmas dinner with him. Clive tells Emma that Jeanie never came round. Emma tells Cunningham that she thinks Jeanie died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cunningham tells Emma that Clive is a sex offender. Meanwhile, Clive hears the sound of smashing glass and finds that someone has smashed his car window and has sprayed the word ‘rapist’ on it. Back in his flat, an upset Clive contemplates suicide with pills and whiskey. As she leaves work on her own, Emma’s loneliness resonates with Jeanie’s.