Emma is a queen for the day

Valerie comes into work after her emotional breakdown the day before and is unusually open about her cancer telling everyone she interacts with. Emma comes marching in furiously walking through reception announcing she’s going to dress as Queen Elizabeth I. Ruhma seems stressed about her landlord evicting her from her property so, putting on his shining armour, Heston offers her a room at his house.

Joan can’t believe her husband, Joe, and pregnant daughter, Rebecca, have forgotten her birthday. Left alone, Joan answers the door with a face full of tears. Greeted by Ruhma who has come to see her patient Rebecca, they sit down for a cup of tea. Joan thinks she’s going through the menopause but when she head to the doctors she discovers she’s pregnant.

Joan heads back home. SURPRISE! Joan’s family didn’t forget her birthday after all but celebrations are quickly dampened with the breaking news of the pregnancy. After a quick exit from Ruhma, Joe and Joan rekindle an element of love in their relationship and decide to keep the baby.