Andy and Gregson are nervous as Andy makes a call to DCI Driver; the three of them are on their way in with the information she has been waiting for. But Gregson panics. What if Mitchell’s sold them out? Suddenly there’s a car behind them and shots are fired. Emma does her best to help Gregson while Andy grabs the evidence and runs off. He calls Driver and claims ‘Treehouse’ are out to kill him and he can’t trust the police any more.

He makes his way to Mitchell’s house and gets him to confess he informed Treehouse of their plan to go to the police. Later, Andy is hiding the satchel containing evidence when he sees a man reading the news – the headline says ‘Burglary gone wrong – local Headteacher killed’ with a photo of Mitchell under it. Andy realises who Mitchell called and hunkers down trying to block out the pain from his gunshot wound…

Meanwhile, Rob watches events unfolding on the news, and tells Karen he is relieved not to be involved in the case.